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Institute for Medieval Research

Approaches to Comparison in Medieval Studies - Volume 1. 2015

medieval worlds
Volume 1. 2015
ISSN: 2412-3196
ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-7849-1
Subject Area: Medieval Studies
refereed - online

Institute for Medieval Research
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015
(Abstract) (PDF)

Institute for Medieval Research
Table of Contents page 1
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s1
(Abstract) (PDF)

Walter Pohl - Andre Gingrich
Medieval Worlds: Introduction to the First Issue page 2
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s2
(Abstract) (PDF)

Patrick Geary
The Discourse of Herrschaft as the Practice of Herrschaft in the Fifth Century page 5
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s5
(Abstract) (PDF)

Robert Moore
The First Great Divergence? page 16
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s16
(Abstract) (PDF)

Lars Boje Mortensen
Comparing and Connecting: the Rise of Fast Historiography in Latin and Vernacular (Twelfth to Thirteenth Century) page 25
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s25
(Abstract) (PDF)

Helen Siu
Historical Anthropology: A View from »South China« page 40
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s40
(Abstract) (PDF)

Ian Wood
Universal Chronicles in the Early Medieval West page 47
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s47
(Abstract) (PDF)

Ann Christys
Universal Chronicles in Arabic before c. 900 page 61
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s61
(Abstract) (PDF)

Gwen Bennett
»I Spy with my Little Eye«: GIS and Archaeological Perspectives on Eleventh Century Song Envoy Routes in the Liao Empire (Kitan-Liao Archaeological Survey and History KLASH) page 71
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s71
(Abstract) (PDF)

Michael Borgolte
Foundations »For the Salvation of the Soul« – an Exception in World History? (Foundations of Medieval Societies FOUNDMED) page 86
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s86
(Abstract) (PDF)

Catherine Holmes - Naomi Standen
Defining the Global Middle Ages (AHRC Research Network) page 106
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s106
(Abstract) (PDF)

Eduardo Manzano
Why Did Islamic Medieval Institutions Become So Different from Western Medieval Institutions? (Power and Institutions in Medieval Islam and Christendom PIMIC) page 118
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s118
(Abstract) (PDF)

Walter Pohl - Andre Gingrich
Visions of Community (VISCOM): Comparative Approaches to Ethnicity, Region and Empire in Christianity, Islam and Buddhism (400-1600 CE) page 138
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s138
(Abstract) (PDF)

John Tolan
The Legal Status of Religious Minorities in the Euro-Mediterranean World (RELMIN) page 148
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no1_2015s148
(Abstract) (PDF)