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Empires: Elements of Cohesion and Signs of Decay - Volume 2. 2015

medieval worlds
Volume 2. 2015
ISSN: 2412-3196
ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-7916-0
Subject Area: Medieval Studies
refereed - online

Institute for Medieval Research
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Institute for Medieval Research
Table of Contents page 1
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Walter Pohl
Editor’s Introduction: Empires – Elements of Cohesion and Signs of Decay page 2
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no2_2015s2
(Abstract) (PDF)

Mayke de Jong
The Empire that was always Decaying: The Carolingians (800-888) page 6
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no2_2015s6
(Abstract) (PDF)

Simon MacLean
Cross-Channel Marriage and Royal Succession in the Age of Charles the Simple and Athelstan (c. 916-936) page 26
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no2_2015s26
(Abstract) (PDF)

Andrew J. Newman
›Great Men‹, ›Decline‹ and Empire: Safavid Studies and a Way Forward? page 45
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no2_2015s45
(Abstract) (PDF)

Jeroen Duindam
Dynasties page 59
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no2_2015s59
(Abstract) (PDF)

Susan Reynolds
Nations, Tribes, Peoples, and States page 79
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no2_2015s79
(Abstract) (PDF)

Glenn Bowman
Lieux Saints Partagés: An Analytical Review page 89
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no2_2015s89
(Abstract) (PDF)

Johannes Preiser-Kapeller
Calculating the Middle Ages? The Project »Complexities and Networks in the Medieval Mediterranean and Near East« (COMMED) page 100
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no2_2015s100
(Abstract) (PDF)